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Winter Solstice Resonance bowls. What a journey what an energetic time of changes.

Hello World

Just sharing the Winter solstice bowls with you that were created during the lead up to Dec 21st 2020.

They certainly feel linked in to purging, release and surrender and definitely reflect the energy of the time.

Despite 30 years of hand building with clay I just could not keep these bowls from cracking one just broke in to many many pieces on the way to the kiln, this has just not happened before.

Despite this I still managed to fire two large bowls thanks to Jackie White at the Pothouse and finished with four frequencies to support and ease us through the Winter solstice and beyond.

This vibrates at 39.90 Hz in D Major

This vibrates at 50.57Hz in G Major

The little high frequency bowls vibrate at 746Hz in F5 and 982Hz in B5

These were the last intuitive resonance bowls created in 2020. Its been such a joy to create these and I cannot wait to set them out and play them all together. I m looking forward to what 2021 creatively...

Do get in touch if you would like more information, much love....

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