About Me

I am Jayne Tricker.

Painter, Potter and Art Educator.

Welcome to my site.


    Please enjoy looking at the body of work I create and I hope the tips and pointers in the blog posts help you continue your artistic journey.

I am a UK based professional artist, I live and work in Gloucestershire and grew up in Hampshire.

I live for being creative, it’s a way of life for me and helps me process and make sense of the world around me and is the one constant in my life that I return to. Working with colour, texture and form are my passion.




     I have been professional painter since 2007. I am predominantly a landscape painter and love to paint outside as well as in the studio. I work in water and oil based mediums but oil is my paint of choice, for its sheer authenticity of quality and intensity of colour.

    I am both a representational and abstract painter who also incorporates the written word through my paint layers, because I find it connects me to the subject I’m painting. I am also known for using symbols that are important to me and have deeper spiritual meaning and help me to connect with my subject at soul level.

I have many years of experience teaching and mentoring painting students I hope you find my site of use and do get in touch should you require support.


    As well as here on my site my paintings can also be found on a regular basis at

John Noot Gallery, Broadway

Burford Garden Gallery 




    I returned to being a professional potter in 2017. I have a passion for hand building in clay, for its authenticity and simplicity. As a creative working with the earth is grounding and has become a necessary in my life again.

    My main body of work in the last few years are hand-built barrel fired bowls to hold light. They have proved useful for meditation and deep soul work. Every bowl is unique as we are unique and has its own form, colour and marks. At times the bowls contain a positive affirmation or quote as a starting point for contemplation.

‘Bowls of light are used by many of today’s Spiritual teachers and Guides, and are loved by our Soul Midwives.

    My work aims to convey humble yet elegant forms with interesting colours and patterns guided by my hand but controlled by the fire.

These open vessels are made to be held with cupped hands signifying our gratitude and are a reminder that we all here to serve each other.

‘Bowls of light’ are built over a few days to give time for the hand built layers to firm up allowing me to build to size.

    Once the form is completed and dried it is kiln fired in my 1976 Cromatie kiln after which the bowls are wrapped with organic materials and barrel fired.

Once cool the vessels are processed, waxed, named and numbered.


As well as here on my website my work can be found regularly at:

Burford Garden Gallery

Potters in Bristol 

Brewery Arts, Cirencester