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In the shortest days we celebrate light

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Hello World

As we move closer to Winter solstice I m really feeling the short days and this makes me feel hugely grateful for the light and bright times.

Today I m sharing a 30 x 30cm oil on birch ply of Hill head harbour, Hampshire at sunrise across the bird sanctuary.

The words that came to mind whilst painting this and which are written through the painted layers read

'She in the darkness found light, more light than many ever see.

She within herself found lovliness through the souls mastery.

And now the world receives from her dower, the message of strength and inner power.' Keller Hughes

These 40 x 20cm oil on ply paintings of Montpellier Park, Cheltenham celebrate a bright, crisp, long shadowed, frosty full moon early morning. It notices how the warmth of the honeyed sunlight returns the colour of the landscape where it touches the frosted ground

Light and perceived colour are integral to my painted interpretation of the landscape. I am back out sketching in the parks this week and creating larger work in the comfort of the studio.

Much love to you all...

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