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Happy New year All and I m Back in the Studio

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

'What seemed beautiful, remains beautiful, courage' 128 x 102cm oil on canvas [Tower Bridge and the Thames]

I ve been drawn back to the comfort and warmth of the painting studio to create a couple of paintings to kick the year off. For those of you who dont know me, I am a creative who works intuitively and energetically and during this time of energetic flux my awareness has been taken to London, to some, this represents the earth star of our planet.

I use words through the painted layers to help connect me emotionally and energetically to the piece I m painting and this piece was no exception. The words for this painting read

'At this time of change our attention is drawn to you. Held and supported whilst old structures fall away and courage is found to step forward into a new chapter of humanity.

Gratitude to 2020 for the challenging lessons brought, as what no longer serves us drops away leaving behind a remembering of deep connection to all and the witnessing of earths heart opening.

What seemed beautiful, remains beautiful, despite change and circumstance.

Courage... see the bigger picture, as you move towards serving each other through going within, letting go of fear and judgement of self, situations and each other.

Above and below are the colours that were mixed prior to painting this. I mix the darkest values and most intense colours first and then mix the rest from them which creates a harmonious family of colour where all are connected in some way.

This was the acrylic start where I have blocked in my main areas of colour having made my simple black and white notan study to ensure the composition works and is pleasing to the eye

Gradually I m building up the oil colour using thin layers and veils of colour

Until the piece is finished. Much love to you ...

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