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Thank you Sculpture by the Lake, Dorset

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Well thank you Dorset and Sculpture by the lake for your warm welcome and support for all 40 of us British artists during the Dorset Arts festival. What a great event that was managed carefully in our current circumstances.

At this event I managed to showcase my new ideas, prototypes and pieces. One body of work were the sky hole bowls that make a window to the sky when weather is still and beautifully capture the energy of the rain when conditions are wet.

I also had my sound bowl prototypes for people to play and enjoy their healing energetic sound.

We were lucky enough to make the most of stunning walks around the skilfully planted gardens and absorb the soulful sculptures throughout this special site.

I took paintings with me and a selection of these remain on exhibition in the onsite gallery.

walk gently through the world

the universe is a continuous web ,touch it in any place and the whole web quivers

i claim my sovereign being

A selection of sky hole bowls

This is Nevey and I and our stand I was certainly glad to have my glamorous assistant with me who is always unflappable especially when all tech goes awry, which happens frequently with me.

I will be back here again soon with updates ...

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