Despite the tail end of the hurricane the bowls of light are ready for their deadline...Phew

209. 'Light in the dark' barrel fired bowl of light [23 x12 cm]

219. Winter Equinox' barrel fired bowl of light [18 x 18cm]

218.' Wolf Moon' barrel fired bowl of light [20 x 19cm]

Evening Guys,

I m pleased to share a few of my new barrel fired bowls. I have been working really hard to produce 9 new vessels for the Craft Potter Association deadline.

Despite my kiln breaking down and some challenging stormy weather, I am glad to say all bowls got through the barrel firing with no fatalities... Hurrah

much love... I will be putting up coming workshop dates for bowl building and landscape painting in the next few days

211.Intent to be in the grace of the world  28 x20cm

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