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Pigeons are in and around Boots Corner.

Hi Guys

Just letting you know that the pigeons of Cheltenham are landing in and around Boots corner, This has been a fab project to be involved in and Im so grateful to Niki Whitfield for managing 15 of us Arties to get this delivered.

This is to show those of you that are interested the journey and preparation that is involved in a project like this.

I start my creative process the same way no matter what I m creating and that is in one of my many sketch books. For those of you who know me these tend to not be fancy or pretty ,they are a working document of ideas and experiments inthe hope that any mistakes will be made in these and not in this case on the pigeon

So in order to get my brain into gear on this project.I started with my brief which was

views from of Boots Corner. So thats where I started. I went there to sketch and take a series of images and painted some little test oil sketches.

These are now framed and available should you be interested.

I then set to to mend and prime the pigeon i had been given.

Once this was done I then worked out how I was going to get a few different images of Boots Corner to connect with each other on a sphere.

I chose an acrylic start to line out followed by an oil layer.

Once I was happy with the outcome it was left to dry for a few days and a couple of coats of yacht varnish were then applied.

Its a great privilege to have been involved in this project and I do hope you all enjoy them when you are in and around town.

much love everyone....

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