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Celebrating the imperfect

Hi Guys,

Letting you know about a new colourway I ve been working on during the last month to sit well with the colourway of the Confetti field paintings.

I have also been honing my skills of 'Kintsugi" the Japanese art of celebrating and decorating the imperfect. I have really wanted to embrace this in my work for some time, not only because I really believe in the concept, but in the barrel firing process often the work spent with surface cracks or breaks often has the most amazing intensity of colour.

This 'Bowl of light' is 22cm and is called 'Perfectly Imperfect 11' it has now been gifted to a very special lady whom I hope will enjoy it for many years to come.

This is 'Perfectly Imperfect 1' and has also gone to share its light with a special person in memory of someone very dear to them.

'Perfectly Imperfect 111' is still available and is 23cm high very deep and vibrant contrasts to this bowl.

Much love to you all ...

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