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Barrel Fired 'Bowls of Lights'

"This is a Bowl of Light. The gift from your immortal, spiritual soul that divided itself before you were born. Each of us comes into the world from the great beyond with our bowl of light. The light nourishes us and sustains us as we pass through life."

Exert from 'Bowl of Light' written by Hank Wesselman.

Hi Guys,

I would like to introduce you to my new body of work to sit with my paintings. Recently I felt it necessary to go back to my ceramic roots. A big thank you to Pam Chapman for supporting me on this journey.

These vessels are hand built with simple tools in the same way as vessels have been built for thousands of years. They are barrel fired in a simple saggar using oxides and organic material.

I made the first one as a meditation bowl following a text I read about a group of Elders whom gift these simple bowls as a coming of age present. Each vessel has its unique name and set of marks, which have an element of control from me as the maker and chance from the effects of the fire.

These have been a joy to make, do get in touch if you would like to know more

I shall be placing them in the shop here as soon as I am able.

much love

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