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Paintings in aid of Elizabeth's Footprint all framed up and ready to go.

Paintings For Elizabeth’s Footprint

-from Elizabeth’s Piano

Music Festival 2016

The Piano paintings have arrived back from the lovely Lee Crew who kindly framed them and they are now ready for the auction this Saturday's Charity Ball in aid of Elizabeth's Footprint [Bristol Hospital charity]. Should any of you lovely people wish to bid or acquire please do get in touch, there are numbers and links below.

Happy bidding...

For those of you who are not familiar with the piano from the music festival 2016

Here she is

It was painted in response to and to mark the courage of Natalia and Elizabeth's journey. I linked her walk through landscape with the Budhist prayer 'The Great Bell Chant' [Thich Nhat Hanh]hence the main titles for the works. I had the compassion prayer hidden in the piano and with the help of my friend Mark Harmer we had it playing every 7 hrs as a mark of respect for Natalia s and Elizabeth's journey. Should you wish to listen it can be found at youtube The Great Bell Chant.

In the top of the piano were plants reminiscent of those found in our natural landscape and the paper butterflies contained in the plants signified the beauty and hope in all things.

And so from this these paintings were made and are now offered new homes and a place in your hearts.

Happy Bidding ...

1. “My Breathe Brings Me Back To The Safe Island of Mindfulness” – Mixed Media (136cm x 73cm)

2. Piano Piece Keepsake 1 (Same Title) – Mixed Media

(9cm x 28cm) Reserve £40

3.Piano Piece Keepsake 3 (Same Title) – Mixed Media

(9cm x 28cm) Reserve £40

4.“Surrender” - Mixed Media (56cm x 23cm)

Reserve £50

5.“Hope” – Mixed Media (28cm x 23cm)

Reserve £50

6.“Love” – Mixed Media (28cm x 23cm)

Reserve £50

Jayne Tricker Art

07721 758830

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