Mixing Darks and Chromatic Greys.

Hi Guys, this week I m mixing Chromatic Darks and Greys.

Chromatic Darks and Greys are made using a combination of red, blue and yellow and depending which of these you use, you will achieve a different outcome.This is what we are about to explore.

As you can see from the picture to the left, Chromatic Darks are more interesting than using black or brown from a tube. I do have a few convenience Darks that I have in my kit when I paint,ie Paynes Violet, but I almost always splice these with other colours and rarely use any colour straight from the tube.

Below you will see four versions of primary oil pigment mixes to compare. For the first two I have used the same blue and yellow and used different reds. On the left I have mixed Cadmium red, Ultra-marine blue and Indian yellow and on the right Alizarin crimson, Ultra-marine blue and Indian yellow.

The chromatic dark in the centre of each is a balance of all three primaries, moving out from this I have made red heavy dark, a blue heavy dark and a yellow heavy dark, after which I have added a little Flake white to each, to make chromatic greys. Have a go at mixing these yourselves and let me know how you get on.