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Creative Angel Hanging for Focus charity in conjunction with Waterstones, Cheltenham.

During November and December I have been creating a 5m mobile for the "Best Wishes" campaign to raise funds for rise and recline chairs in the Cheltenham Oncology Centre.

I have been making angels with patients waiting for their treatment in hospital via the Focus charity and Niki Whitfield, for the last few years but this has been a very different project.

I was really happy to take on this challenge as like many of us all, Cancer has touched my family and friends and each and every one was in my thoughts as I made the 250 angels that made up the mobile and a further 600 that were made to sell in packets.

I also enjoyed teaching workshops to enable willing volunteers to make angels to.

Radio Gloucestershire kindly interviewed us to raise awareness of what we were doing this was a great experience.

I was kindly gifted a selection of hand written 1864 deeds and these were just perfect for this project. Many thanks to Angela Cass and her lovely father for those.

Once cut each of these was gilded with silver and gold to catch the light and hung onto a wire frame that was arranged to move freely with the slightest air movement.

It was a treat to see it all hung in one piece in Waterstones stair well.

I will keep you posted as to how many chairs we manage to fund from the selling of the mobile and the single angels.

Thank you all for your support to date I have been so grateful.

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year.

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