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Developing a Drawing Process that you can Rely on.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for joining me to my students and visitors to my site .This Monday we had no formal lesson but I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about really spending a few minutes a day developing and feeling confident about your drawing process. If you have a process that you use each time you come to draw no matter what subject you are drawing it will give you the confidence to tackle what appears to be the most difficult of subjects. Your process is personal to you, but it should enable you to break down your subject into small achievable tasks that create a structure for your final drawing.

So to recap for my students as a possible exercise over the Easter holidays and for those of you who have joined us here, my method of approaching drawing a subject is always the same. I start my drawing by working into a drawn square or rectangle on my page.

Simple group of objects

So, if Im drawing a group of objects in a still life I will be looking to see what basic shape that group of objects make ,this might be a triangle a rectangle a circle or a combination of both.In this case its a quadrelateral of sorts.

After establishing this I then place each object within these shapes using the same method ,looking to find simple shapes to act as a structure to pin a more detailed drawing on to. So here you see a combination of ovals, squares and circles.

I then concentrate on 3 simple tones

This process does not change for me when I m drawing life models or landscapes.I usually follow these thumbnail sketches with a tonal painting in watercolour and would move from there into a colour sketch, these take no more than 5 to 10 mins and what you learn from these is so valuable and places you in a strong position to start a longer piece of work.

If you get a few minutes this week have a practise with this and really try to establish a process that works for you,I would love to hear your ideas about this.

See you here again on Saturday.

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