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Ready and Resting for the Winter Solstice

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Hello World

For those of you that have been following my resonance bowl making during this year, these are the last three for 2020 and they are whoppers, the largest standing 37 x 32cm.

I started hand building these on the full moon in Gemini at the end of November and have just finished building them today, 14th Dec, this will be significant for some of you.

An ancient simple start

That is reflected back to me as I build.

My faithful helper always watching

Gentle pressure working into the coils with a flat thumb

until the spiral becomes flat. This is then left to rest and dry gently on parchment until its ready for starting to build up the side walls. As I am creating a bowl for sound the walls need to be thin and even. For those of you who are familiar with hand building slow and patient building helps keep control of the vessels shape.

After a few weeks of building slow and steady, the tops are trimmed and tidied .

The bowls will now sit, rest and dry before I fire one here in my own kiln and the others with Jackie White at the Potting house, Woodmancoate. Jackie very kindly fires larger work in her huge kiln and I m sending a grateful thank you to her. Much of the drying of these bowls has occurred slowly over the last few weeks despite them being wrapped after each building session.

Once fired these bowls will have their own code in 24 carat gold and these will be supporting the increase in and return of the light during the Winter Solstice on the 21st of December. I will be back to share their sound just as soon as I am able.

Much love to you all...

New paintings are on their way to, will be sharing those soon... for available paintings now contact

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