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Festive Finds Created by Jayne Tricker

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Hello World

Just letting you know that my shop is full of new festive creative works and will continually be updated in the coming month.

Should you wish to see and handle my work Potters in Bristol has a selection of light and sound bowls as well as baubles and bells and Sculpture by the lakes has an extensive range of all I create.

I have made and will make more of these 11 to 15cm small barrel fired gilded bowls of light to support us through this sustained time of change.

I have a selection of 30 x 30cm oil paintings available this is 'She in the dark saw great light' and is the view over Titchfield Haven , Hamppshire a place that makes my heart sing.

Montpellier Park, Cheltenham 'Full moon morning' oil on birch ply

A selection of barrel fired baubles

and bells, sold as sets or as singles

These 'Extraordinary ordinary' stems are available in MDF or oak and celebrate the beauty strength and resilience of nature that we see around us in our daily lives.

This is a British leaf sculpture mobile in oak ply and hangs around 85cm long and 75cm wide.

Lastly these are new for 2020 my resonance bowls, each has its own code and unity circles in 24carat gold and sits on the sacred symbol of Metatrons cube, grab yourself a cuppa close your eyes and enjoy the supporting sound of these harmonics. More information about these can be found in my shop or do drop me a line I would be happy to chat to you.

Much much love to you all... catch you later world

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