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Counting down to Malvern ...

Well folks, it's almost here ... this time tomorrow, I will have spent my first day at the Malvern show - I'm so excited!

You can buy your tickets HERE if you don't already have them.


Need to relax??

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I will be giving free mini guided-meditation sessions, to the soothing sound of my sound bowls throughout the day at the Malvern Festival. These will be held in the TREATMENT TENT so come along to have a relax, as part of your day out.

I will also be exhibiting some of my other pieces in the Nurture Garden, where you can buy an exclusive piece of your own to take home, including the 4 new bowls mentioned in my previous blog, my beautiful Lions Gate Bowl and some beautiful hearts of peace, available for the smaller budget - Pictured below (click image for details):

I will be showcasing my beautiful Sky Hole Bowls, which are designed to be filled with water, to reflect the sky - so relaxing to look at:

and finally .... I'd like to let you in on a little secret ....

My 'Love held and supported' painting, which I will be exhibiting, has the following channelled words embedded throughout it's layers, giving it so much more depth ...

Together we stand at the gates of the new world.

In love, light and unity, at the rebirth of humanity into the infinite.

It's a new beginning,

The seed of life, our sacred geometry.

It's the expansion of new energy.

We have left the security of what we know to seek a new way.

We have adopted the path of the seeker.

The passion we find now will fire the rest of our journey.

When science and spirituality fuse it will cause the cosmic code to crack,

and in that sacred geometry the Divinity of humankind

Will be revealed.

Birthing a new Blueprint for humanity.

This requires us to surrender,

Open our heart,

Celebrate and acknowledge the end of one phase and

The beginning of a new,

Where we are held, loved and supported.

Come and see if you can spot them...

I'd love to see you there!

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