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Autumn Equinox resonance bowls, bringing in the balance...

Hello World

I do hope you are enjoying the start of the Autumn season.

Here are the latest eleven resonance bowls linked into natures time of change. I m not sure I m ever ready to let go of the warm Summer weather, however let go of it we must.

These frequencies are helping to initiate and support alignment and balance during these changing times.

These bowls are linked into honouring, releasing what no longer serves us and surrendering into change, pertinent during Autumn for our physical, emotional and etheric bodies.

These are linked in to balancing our Divine masculine and femine energies within us.

These are linked into the collective balance and alignment of the Divine masculine and feminine at this time of change. Supporting us to release outdated blueprints change organically into a heart-centred compassionate template for future Humanity.

I will be uploading these bowls into the shop over the weekend with more information on each particular bowl. Much love to you all enjoy...

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