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'I reclaim my Sovereign Being' 60 x 60cm

Hi Guys

Just sharing the painting I ve been up to this week.

This was a beautiful sunset that I witnessed this week that really touched my soul.

I n these times of change I have been reminding myself to ground, return to balance and set my intentions.

As with many people colour provokes and holds significant emotion and meaning for me. This combination of colours holds the energy of being held in the wisdom of all those that have gone before us. It gives courage in the face of challenging changing times.

The words written through the painted layers are a prayer written by Tim While for positive change for our humanity. They read

'I reclaim my sovereign being.

Remedy and resolve to all that no longer serves me.

I am aligned to source and infinite consciousness and I reclaim my divine power '

For those who follow me. This painting was painted in oil layers on three separate sessions.

The colour was mixed up prior to painting to ensure a harmonious balance and to create a family of colour where each colour relates to another in some way.

Prior to mixing the colour sketches and not an had been decided and loosely painted to the birch board, do get in touch with me if you would like to know more about my painting process

much love to you all....

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