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On my May Easel

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Hi Guys,

Just a quick post to share the commissioned work I ve been creating this month for a lovely client for her meditation space.

These pieces are oil on birch ply and are in varying stages of being painted. I wanted to show you how a piece is built up over a few sessions and brought to its conclusion and how leaving a space between sessions can build up interesting layers in the work and give an opportunity for you as the artist to let the painting develop organically and gently.

These two pieces are on a second session

This is a closeup of piece after third session, you can see chosen wording and symbols peeking through, I m aiming to create interest and dimension to the piece without being too distracting to the viewer.

At this point I m working semi flat to be able to view painting from above

This is to show you my family of mixing in action.

This is an example of this 60 x 80cm painting end of first session. I m sending love to you all hope you are well and enjoying the time to paint...

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