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Well Its delivery of Christmas work this week and I ve made it...

This is the week I get to be Mrs Christmas . I have been out delivering a broad range of products that I create to the New Brewery arts shop and Potter in Bristol.

Potters have a selection of bowls of light including the black clay and gild.

New Brewery Arts have Kintsugi barrel fired bowls of light , sculpture mobiles, ceramic baubles and bells butterfly bunting and paper angels. This work will be available from Nov 2 in the Brewery Christmas shop along with some of the best crafts in the country.

Barrel fired gilded jingle balls

Barrel fired tinkling bells

Barrel fired gilded kintsugi bowls of light

'Hold the vision ,trust the process ' 30 x30cm oil on birch ply

'I am, because I am' 30 x 30cm oil on birch ply

'Gateway Moment' 40 x 40cm oil on birch ply

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