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Hello World I m Back To Creating

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Morning Guys

Well I m back to creating after spending the Summer with my sister who needed our help to remain in her home whilst one care provider went and another stepped in.

There has been little time for creating, but a whole lot of learning about strength of character in the face of such compromise that MS brings.

I watched the tenacity of the human spirit that wanted to be independent and hold on to that even when it might have been easier to let another person step in. There was much laughter and gratitude for time well spent and to the strongest person I know, who after 30 years of having MS, greets each day with what it brings and celebrates that the best way she is able to. It was my pleasure to support and hold the space for her. Thank you to those wonderful souls who step in to help her do this each and every day.

This post goes out to all individuals that despite huge physical or mental compromise never give up. Times like these feed our creative minds and know doubt in my case this will be evident in the coming months when I process this experience through my work as I have always done.

My creating has started in earnest in the last week and for those of you who know me that means pots being made in the kitchen, paintings all over the studio, cutting and planting up for the winter and the start of a variety of autumn projects

I have Bowls of Light going off to Ascot Art Event, others going in to Cirencester s Brewery Arts Centre and to Potters Ceramic shop in Bristol. I will also be working hard towards sending paintings to this Autumns Battersea art event.

There is also a selection of paintings and bowls of light at Burford Garden Company s gallery. Do pop in if you are out that way.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend in Septembers soft light

much love...

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