Wonderful clients at Hawkwood College Landscape Painting Advanced workshop.

Hi World,

During July I was asked to host an advanced mixed media Landscape painting workshop. I was lucky enough to have a particularly able group half of which happenned to be MA students.

Over a couple of beautiful days we were able to hone skills and get out and enjoy the amazing views and hospitality of Hawkwood College, Stroud Valley.

This place truly has the feeling of coming home.

I managed to demonstrate using mixed media approach to painting including using cold wax and oils.

As you can see demonstrated above in the painting 'Gateway moment' the cold wax holds the mark making really well to expose the paint layer beneath.

We were made truly welcome to set ourselves up to paint in the grounds, it was an absolute joy.

Back in to the studio when it became too warm to finish up.

and think about next marks and composition.

Thank you to all of you who joined me on this workshop and a special thanks to Hawkwood for having us.

Should you be interested in joining me next year do get in touc with me here or do get in touch with Hawkwood college.

much love ....

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