Hawkwood College Mixed Media Workshop 6th and 7th July 2019

I m really excited about my first Landcape painting course at Hawkwood College. Thank you for making me so welcome and it was a pleasure to meet existing student and new faces at the Hawkswood May day event.

This workshop will be open to all levels from novice to professional artist and I will be demonstrating and encouraging you to use a mixed media approach to landscape, whilst adopting a process for breaking up the picture plane into its most simple form and adding in as much detail as you wish. We will be paring down to the essence of what you are looking at, without removing the spontaneity of your marks.

Hawkwood is a stunning place with beautiful views into the Stroud alley.

We will be working outside in the landscape and we have studio space.

Tickets for this 2 day course are £195 including materials and its booking through Hawkwood College.

If you are an experienced artist and would prefer to use your own tools and equipment please do bring them along. I look forward to working with you and for those of you that are to far from us I will follow up with a further post. Much love to you all ....

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