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'Walk Gently Through the World'

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Hi Guys

These are two sister paintings due to be delivered to Burford Garden Gallery next week.

The words written through the paint layers are

'Walk gently through the world and know its beauty throughout life.' Taken from an Apache blessing.

Nature clearing and cleansing

Restoring and renewing

Energising and strengthening.

Walking through life with a balance of gratitude and forward motion.

Dissolving judgement in preference to an open heart and open mind.

These views are from the top of Cleeve hill where the views are wide and the natural landscapes are open to the weather. There is one lone tree that yields to the wind embracing all that comes its way and serves as a valuable reminder of living in the moment and embracing all and everyone placed in our paths with grace and gratitude for all they bring.

These paintings are 120cm x 60cm and are layers of oil on birch ply.

My technique here has been wet into wet and wet over dry and I have drawn back into the layers of paint to reveal colour underneath

much love to you all ...

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