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Blustering in to Burford Garden Gallery

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Close Up of 'Lone Tree'

Hi Everyone

Just a peak of work I am painting and developing at the moment for Spring 2019.

This will be loose multilayered work with words linking to the experience of this Spring Cleeve Hill Landscape. One of my favorite views up to the 'Lone Tree' that braces itself ,yielding to the weather as it comes in across the valley.

'Lone Tree'

A little way to go yet but looking promising to me. I intend to leave areas of the seed of life pattern showing as well as some words written through the paint layers.

Family of colours

These are the oil colours all ready to apply. For my regular students and people who ask me about how i use colour, these are mixed from the darker colours up to the lighter ones and within this eac colour relates to another hence they become a family of colours creating a balance to the whole picture plane.

much love and I will post the finished piece very soon...

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