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What Has January brought To My Door.

Happy New year to you all and I hope January has treated you well and you are living your intentions for 2019. It was a very busy Christmas season for me and thank you for supporting me so well. So many paintings, mobiles ,'Bowls of Light' and gifts found new homes.

It was an absolute pleasure to return all of the bowls to their makers from the bowl workshops I did with 'Watch This Space 'clients and I would like to share some of their beautiful work.

We made a spiral of light with each persons bowl to show we are all part of the one source. The hand built coiled bowls were built over a two and a half hour workshop, were taken dried, kiln fired and then barrel fired by myself using a variety of organic materials to create the surface colour.

In all I fired just over 150 bowls with the kind help of Niki Hayward. These were cleaned waxed, boxed and returned to our lovely potters in time for Christmas. I have so enjoyed all your photos of your bowls in situ at your homes, so great to see them being used. I will be doing more bowl workshops during 2019.

During January I have enjoyed being back in the studio painting and tutoring and have continued to keep my hands in the clay building more bowls and working towards two exciting commissions.

I will share my painting project at a later date as the commissioned piece has not been delivered as yet.

If you would like to see more of my latest bowls of light. I have a selection at Burford garden company gallery and they are currently in the Chapel Arts gallery in Cheltenham.

Enjoy the rest of January and I will be back here soon to release some dates for 2019, these will be workshops and invites for venues to view work

much love all... happy creating

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