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Kit for Creating On A Weekend Away

Hi Guys,

This mornings post will endeavour to give you a clear list and plan of possible kit to pack for a few days away painting in the fresh air. I ll explain in some detail and then leave you a possible kit list at the bottom. Clearly only take what you know you will use. This is like packing for holiday, pack then half your original packing. Remember you will be carrying it around. This said I am not known for traveling light as often the way I create means I need several diff types of paint.

So to start with decide on an easy to carry or wheel trolley or bag. I use both. I like to have a light aluminum table to work flat or to use for laying out equipment, I find this essential but I know others who prefer not to use it. Those of you who work with me regularly know I have a store of them to use with students when we are are out and about.

Next is my trusty painting umbrella to keep sun and rain off my picture plane and gives me a better idea of pitch of colour I m applying. I also tuck a couple of plastic shopping bags with handles into the umbrella case, this will ensure that should it be windy you are able to hang a weighted bag on the easel to keep it steady.

So this done look to pack painting supplies. I pack a split primary pallet plus yellow ochre and a few convenience colours particular to the way I work.[ the list of colours are at the bottom of post]

I have found that having different paint types together in separate bags works best for me.

Next I put out 3 paint kettles[plastic buckets from DIY stores]

Place a selection of brushes for oil in one, a selection of brushes for acrylic in another and the third one I take for water or housing oiled brushes until I can get back home to wash them.

Now pack a roll of kitche paper and a supply of pre torn cotton rags and a small bin bag, this can be tied to your workstation so you can clean up as you go.

I also pack a watercolour kit into its own small bag along with a couple of mop head brushes, along with a selection of pencils held together with a rubber band and a pencil sharpener.

In a seperate small bag I then gather all other tools I may need to create texture in my work.

ie brayer, squeegee silicone tool, pointed stick and a knife tools and any medium for oil [stand oil or liquin, oderless mineral spirit texture mediums or cold wax.

Next pack your pochade box or in my case I have a Coulter box for use with oils and I take aluminum trays and a stay wet pallet for my acrylics. I also have a small folding pallet for my water colours.

Its now time to pack the supports you intend to paint on, ie paper, mount board, canvas or ply.

I favour painting on to a half tone colour and prepare these before I go. Lastly I pack a cleaning liquid for cleaning any oil brushes, I use Murphys wood soap as this means brushes can then be cleaned up in hot soapy water.

Now you are good to go. At this point if I know I will be painting straight away when I arrive, I prep my covered pallets before I go. So my Coulter box has all the oil colours I need as does the acrylic stay wet pallet.

I also put in a means of protecting and carrying wet work. I have a couple of Carryart boxes for this purpose.

I have left you a check list below including pointers for useful items of clothing.All that is left now is for you to go and create and have fun.

Checklist at a glance...

Folding picnic table


Plastic bag with handles

Paints... watercolours, oils, acrylics, inks, pencils, pencil sharpener

lemon yellow

Indian yellow

Yellow ochre

Ultramarine blue

Pthalo blue

Alzarin crimson

Cadmium red

Flake White

Titanium White

3 pots to hold brushes that could also hold water

selection of brushes for different media

Painting tools Brayer roller, silicone squeegee, knife tools, pointed stick

Texture mediums

Oderless spirit

stand oil or Liquin

Roll kitchen paper

Pre torn cotton rags

roll of small pedal bin bags

2 water bottles

palets [pochade box, Aluminum trays, stay wet pallet, water colour pallet]

Liquid for cleaning up oil brushes ie Murphys wood soap


Carrybox for wet work

Its good to layer up clothes wise when you are out and about particularly here in the UK as we are going into Autumn. So pack hat with a peak, thin scarves, waterproof and good comfortable shoes

Hope this helps Guys. Get out there and enjoy it....

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