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'Bowls of Light' are in my shop and at Burford Garden Gallery

Well I ve been potting again as well as painting. Do pop over to my shop page or to Burford Garden Centre gallery. I shall be at this years Broadway Arts festival with 'Watch this Space' demonstrating how to build these if you fancy coming along

These vessels are simple hand built vessels that have been made by humanity for thousands of years and these are built as mediative bowls just like those given by spiritual elders in ancient tribes around the world. They are given as a reminder of whatever life should throw our way, we always have our higher light that we came here from the great beyond with to guide us and to share with those around us.

Each bowl has its own unique pattern just like we are unique ourselves.

I have teamed these up with Vesuta air plants when they are not lit. These are wonderful houseplants that simply require a spray of water once a week.

Have a great Weekend Guys

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