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Broadway Tower 11th June 2018

Please come and join me for a days landscape workshop on Broadway Tower, 11th of June - 10 til 4 30pm.

This day is open to all levels from beginners to able artists and offers you the opportunity to draw and paint 'en plein' air with tuition and guidance from myself. Tickets can be purchased at £75 from the link below and this will include basic equipment for you to use.

During your time with me I will be aiming to encourage you to adopt or add to your drawing and painting process. I will be covering

*Breaking up the landscape using structure lines.

*Editing the landscape into its simplest form.

*Looking at colour and how we can use its relationships to help us when landscape painting.

For those experienced artists joining me you may wish to supplement this with your own choice of mediums and materials. I look forward to working with you all.

Needless to say I will encourage regular breaks for tea drinking and cake eating at the Broadway Tower Cafe.

Much love...

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