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Building up mixed media layers

Hi Guys

Thanks for dropping in here to share the process of building up mixed media layers on the picture picture plane. Its something I have been demonstrating and using in my own work this week. Do pop over to my facebook page and enjoy the videos of me working.

Below I have put in photos of the first layers that are applied in acrylic with texture mediums.

You can see I am working on more than one image at a time.

Below whilst the acrylic layer is drying I take the oportunity to mix the colours for the oil layer

Mixing before hand means I get a good balance of colour and I am able to mix them to all relate to one another .

next I add a third cold wax into each of my colours.

Below are the paintings following the acrylic and first oil layer.

Below are the finished images with the last cold wax layer added.

Thank you for dropping in, I will post very soon.

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