Playing with Colour

Hi Guys and welcome to all of you dropping in here this week. To my Students this post is for both Mondays and Fridays classes and is relevant to both. Should you get the opportunity to play with your colours this week,I have shown you a colour wheel you may like to mix up yourselves. This is the most simplest way I can think to show you how colours are formed and how they relate to one another.

Before we look at that I just wanted to remind you of your 6 colours to buy plus white if you have just joined me and adding yellow ochre to those six if you have been with me for a while.

So paint lists are as follows

Oil Colours

Alzarin Crimson

Cadmium red

Indian yellow

Lemon Yellow

[Yellow Ochre]

Pthalo blue

Ultramarine blue

and a white remember

Titanium is the most opaque

Zinc is semi opaque

mixing white is transparent

I think going for a Zinc white may be a good idea

You will also need to buy yourself

Liquin a liquid that will help oil dry quicker

oderless mineral spirit this might be Zest it or Gamsol [Amazon]

cotton rags

brush cleaner Murphys wood soap [Amazon]

Acrylic colours

Perelene Maroon

Pyrole red

Cadmium orange

Lemon yellow

[Yellow ochre]

Indantherene blue

Pthalo blue

Titanium white

Also put absorbant paper towel in your kit

Watercolour colours

Alzarin crimson

cadmium red

Indian yellow

Lemon yellow

[Yellow ochre]

Pthalo blue

Ultramarine blue

also put absorbant paper towel in your kit.

It may be useful to have a gouache white in your kit for adding opacity to colours when not painting in a conservative watercolour way. As a general rule one uses the paper as the white, avoiding or masking out using masking fluid or wax.

So below is the most simple way I have come across looking at colour. You can see it is a split primary pallette [ 2 of each primaries ,one warm one cool] and it can be split to replace the lemon yellow with yellow ochre to provide a whole range of different greens and combinations of colour when used with the other primaries.

I will be adding to this post later in the week. Enjoy your painting and buying your colours.

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