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Soft and Gentle Autumn Light at Rococo Gardens

Its the most beautiful time of the year, when the light has a very special warm soft quality about it and its an absolute pleasure to be up early and out painting this morning at the Rococo gardens, Painswick.

I m posting my progress to show my students how the process I m teaching them for their painting works in practice. I made thumb nail sketches before starting with this Notan.

I settled on a view then made a line drawing exploring the basic observed shapes, next I drew a tonal drawing then reduced this into a black and white Notan pattern that you can see on the easel below.

You can see the pattern clearer here.

I spent a fair bit of time mixing the colours I could see first as I m working in oil this morning. Mixing them before painting tends to give a good harmonious balance to the finished painting.

Sky and horizon colours.

View down the valley and my second painting.

working in and applying the mixed colours using the paint stiffly and thinning with a medium of thinner and Liquin.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how this started from the basic Notan pattern to nearing completion . I have been painting for an hour and a half in the Autumn chill so Im off home now for some breakfast.

Its certainly a shame to be leaving here so soon this morning.

Will be back soon, enjoy your painting.

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