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Within My Painting Process

So to add to my previous post I wanted to share with you the layers of painting and collections of words, intuitive writings and marks that make up a finished piece.

These I find essential to my process as they help me maintain the energy and emotional and intuitive connection to what I m painting and in turn, my aim is to connect with the viewer of my work at this similar soul level.

I have two larger pieces I have been working on following a trip with Tracy Holloway and a group of gifted people to Chalice Well in Glastonbury and its surrounding areas and the words in the under layers of the first piece were my intuitive response to the landscape.

Love, Held, Supported.

Together we stand at the gates of a new world.

In love, light and unity at the rebirth of humanity into the infinite.

Its a new beginning.

The seed of life, our sacred geometry.

Its the expansion of new energy.

We have left the security of what we know to seek a new way.

We are adopting the path of the seeker.

The passion we find now will fire the rest of our journey.

When science and spirituality fuse it will cause the cosmic code to crack and in that sacred geometry the divinity of humankind will be revealed. Birthing a new Blueprint for humanity.

This requires us to surrender,

Open our heart.

Celebrate and acknowledge the end of one phase and the beginning of the new.

This is a unique and powerful transition requiring us to relinquish our fear to accept the rise of the Divine Masculine to balance the Divine Feminine. In the balancing of both we will see the rebirth of a conscious humanity.

Love, held, supported.

The second piece is called Navigator of Light.

So above is the small color sketch and below is a close up of first layers.

A close up of the first layers

I m trying to build layers, preserving some of whats underneath to create interest and maintain the energy and freshness of first marks.

The under writing in this second piece comes from the intuitive words of a Kahuna Elder as scribed by Hank Wesselmann [PhD ] in his book the Re-Enchantment.

' Know that when you find love within its pure form, you are not confined, you are not finite.

When you have found that pure love, you have found eternity and in this eternity the wind of the present moment offers all lessons.

Its at this moment that we must decide whether the illusion that creates judgement is seen to be appropriate.

Whether to ask for service or be an agent of infinite service.

If we are able to let our love free to ride the wind of spirit, then we are always following the plan we laid out for our own souls growth.

Know that this is the eternity wherein we make decisions about the nature of everything, including all those about us and of necessity ourselves, within the understanding that comes to us in our response.

We can then choose how we serve that mystery that created us and

Be all that is. '

I hope this has been interesting and I will post again with my progress tomorrow.

Thank you for my messages its always lovely to hear from you all.

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