Well I m talking about starting points on my post this weekend and will be sharing my painting proce

Hi Guys

Well with many new students this term and people signing up to the website, I thought it might be of value to some of you to share my painting process. I want you to know this is not a static thing, I am constantly shaping my painting process from the artists I meet and established art educators that are so generous with their invaluable skills and ways of working. I do however want to mention a few names here that have informed me as a painter and art educator to date, these are Viv Ayres, Frederick Cuming RA, Nicki Heenan, Paul Wadsworth and Mary Gilkersohn to name a few. There are many more and I would be happy to explore this at a later date.

So for those who I have the pleasure of teaching know that I have a starting point of simplifying and cropping my source image, this would be the same working from a photo or if i were to be working in the landscape.

My first marks are the essential lines drawn into a small box an example of which is below.

I can tell at this stage whether the composition will work for me or not.