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Glorious Easter Sun and Oil Sketches.

What a joy to have the opportunity for a few hours of painting in my favorite place. It was great to set up a studio space inside today out of the chilly Easter wind. The fire was lit the front door was open and my colours were out.

Today I was painting low tide exploring the rich colours of the silty mud and the reflections of the spring sky with its really intense blues.

This is the Hut where this mornings studio was set up.

You are able to just about see the red under painting that I had started with ,that gives a good depth to paint on to.

I ve shown my pallette here showing how i have mixed my colours before hand and ensured that each colour relates to one another creating a family of colours that harmonize with eachother.

I tend to paint in 7 to 9 images at a time when I sketch as I find this creates a more creative and fluid outcome.

I ve taken the opportunity to write and raw into each layer of the sketches with the aim of breaking up the space and keeping the marks fresh and energetic.

Enjoy your spring painting ,I shall be back later in the week with some progressed work.

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