Preparations for Saturdays workshop at Roccoco Gardens,Painswick

Evening Guys,

Just thought I would say that the garden and studio are looking fabulous and I m looking forward to seeing those of you booked on to the painting course tomorrow and if any others of you fancy a trip out in the Spring sunshine we would be pleased to see you, the garden and grounds are beautiful.

We will be meeting in the Orangery at 10 30 and staff will be happy to point you in the right direction, please mention you are on the workshop your entrance to the garden has been paid.

If you have kit for working outside please bring it with you if you dont I will have kit to borrow, you may need a hat with a peak to as spring sun is forecast.

How lucky are we.

I was out in the garden this afternoon and the sun definitely had some warmth to it.

We will be walking around the landscape in the morning .

I will be chatting about how to make a start and gather information.

We will sketch and then have Tea or Coffee.

We will then do a dive into colour and mark making.

Break for lunch in the fab cafe onsite.

The afternoon will be painting in the garden and studio,

using our sketches to inform our painting.

During this time I will be teaching you individually from where you have set yourselves up.

We will finish at 4 30.

This is of course a plan and can change according to your needs.

See you in the morning and for those of you that arent able to make it this time, I shall post photos of our day tomorrow.

much love.

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