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The Value of the Four 'P's.

Well Guys, The four P's what can I say, 'Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance', [excuse the language ] this was drummed into me from an early age and has stuck with and served me ever since, so thank you dad. This weeks post looks at the real value of taking time to explore and sketch before starting to create important works. Allowing yourselves the time to do this will serve you well, I find it helps create interest and excitement to explore the subject in more depth so that by the time you paint the larger piece its got some muscle memory and seems familiar, but I am careful to keep the work having a good sense of movement and rhythm to it.

This is a small 5 by 5 tonal sketch exploring the light

This is another 5 by 5 tonal sketch left at an earlier stage, for me this has more energy and has more emotional feeling of place.

This is the size of the planning pieces as you can see I m working flat on these.

Do let me know how you prepare to paint.I hope you have enjoyed the post and I will see you here again soon. Enjoy your painting.

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