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Colour Studies Following Tonal Studies.

This week I ve been working on colour studies following last weeks tonal studies. These form part of my preparatory work will give me a good idea of the colour relationships and will inform my decision for completing a larger piece. This preparation fuels my creative process and creates the energy and excitement to paint the larger piece .

These are the oil colours for the study above I included them to show you how I mix before I paint. I do this to ensure the colours relate to one another in some way. I tend to achieve this by mixing a little of the colours mixed into each other, try this yourselves but remember to add tiny amounts, from this I hope you will be able to notice how this makes your colours connect and harmonize with each other.

I will do another post on this soon explaining more fully.

Here I m working from the sketches I made on site and the photos I took, work in progress.

This will give you some idea of the scale of the two new pieces to be painted. As you can see there is a smaller ply board to be painted alongside the larger ones. You will notice that there is sacred geometry as an underlayer that will be added at each stage on this occasion and this will connect with the final image and add to the movement energy and understanding of the piece.

This is the Notan for the landscape surrounding the Tor in Glastonbury. The support is birch ply and has been prepared with shellac.

This is the Notan for the Tor, Glastonbury as you can see this has the seed of life geometry and the thoughts for our future from a Kahouna elder, I will include these in later posts

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I prepare for making larger work, I will post again soon

Happy painting

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