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Painting with just oils and a knife

Hi Guys

This week I ve been trying out my new shellac covered birch ply surface and I ve got to say I like it.

I began by mixing my darkest values first and applied them thinly, then gradually mixed lighter and lighter colours in family groups.I mix a little of some colours into others to help them relate to each other.

The colour has been applied thin to thick only using a knife tool only.

this is a 9 x 9cm sketch

My ever patient helper 'Mischief' just keeping an eye on me to see how things are progressing.

Today she managed to walk through the red paint just before she walked over both paintings, luckily it was before I had started.

You can see that the ply has 4 coats of shellac and has been lightly sanded and the darkest tone has been apllied thinly.

Laying the colours out like this enables you to see if any of them stick out and dont belong.

I have deliberately placed 3 warm oranges to the left, you can see they don't harmonize with the colours to their right.

You are able to see the family of colours here all relating to one another in some way. There is a small amount of the warm colours in the cool colours and cool colours in the warm.

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