Creative projects in June

During June I was lucky enough to be asked to make several creative hanging instilations for Cheltenham Music Festival. I was asked to create an instilation for the Wilson gallery using the insides of a piano. After much thought I decided to design a three tier piano key chandelier piano. Some of you may have seen this in the Cheltenham Wilson gallery as part of the piano trail. This is how the project grew.

I put a shout out for three sets of piano keys having found an old barrel banding to provide the structure to hang the keys from. These all needed a good wash and mend.

Gathering 3 sets of piano keys

The first job was to drill about 200 holes into the metal banding. Man o man whose silly idea was this. I definitely now use a drill better and can even do this without breaking too many drill bits,not.

drilling the two hundred holes in the barrel banding

Having got all the pieces of piano together and after a quick order for some stunning red fluorescent acrylic discs kindly sponsored by "Completion" to replace the felt ones, The chandelier began to take shape under the watchful eye of Mischief, my partner in crime always in on the action.

My patient helper