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Arte Internazionale Matera with Pino Nicoletti

During August of this year I was contacted by Pino Nicoletti, a well known Professor of art in Matera, Italy. I was asked to join a group of artists from all over the globe to take part in his international art exhibition.

I was asked for a body of abstract work for a solo exhibition within this amazing group.

How wonderful and I am so very grateful to be included.

This body of work was mixed media and involved using acrylic inks, acrylic paint, cold wax and pressed pigment.

The work was loose and expressive.

Each of these pieces contained written thoughts that helped me connect with the feeling of the landscape and helped create the essence of that place at its most simple. My aim was to manage to retain the freshness of first marks made without the painting becoming stagnant and too representational.

Enjoy the video of abstract works sent to Matera, Italy

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