Working En plein air this Spring

Hi Guys,

Well apologies for not posting for last week. I got down to Hampshire and my connection was so bad I had to wait to post until we returned I do hope you managed to get yourselves outside to do a little sketching to. I had a great spring break on the coast opposite the Isle of Wight in mum and dads little wooden hut on the beach. Our favorite place to relax have fun play on the water and create.

As you can see from these images I managed to find the time to work outside in the beautiful spring air.

The conditions were challenging in two ways as it was windy and cool, I guess it is only just April.

In windy conditions I find I keep my kit to a minimum and make sure everything is weighted down or stuck down. These few sketches were done quickly in acrylics on mount board. I did have to retreat back inside at times to work.