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Exploring how Colour Might Change in the Landscape.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for joining me today. Welcome to those of you dropping in to my site and to my Landscape students, no class this week but there are a few things here to consider should you miss your class or feel the urge to get up and be creative over Easter.

Today I wanted to draw your attention to how colour might change in our landscape as we view it and how we as artists might attempto portray this. What a great opportunity to get out in the spring weather and see this for yourself .There are a few pointers for you to get you looking.

For those of you in the Cheltenham area, perhaps consider a trip up to Cleeve, Leckhampton Hill or if you are not local somewhere elevated where the land seems to open out to meet the sky. Look to see how certain colours behave in the foreground, the mid ground and the background. Observe how that green for example appears to change. What you tend to find depending on the time of day is that the colours at the front are more intense and get progressively cooler as they recede into the background where the land meets the sky.You might also notice that there is seldom a hard unbroken line at the horizon. You can see how cool blues have been added to intense colour in the foreground to give the illusion of the land disappearing into the background.

These are a couple of examples looking towards Winchcombe from the ariel points at Cleeve Hill last April they illustrate this beautifully for you.

I will post this today, Thursday just encase there are those of you that may want to go out to paint on our usual Friday morning.

I look forward to hearing what you see and perhaps how you have got on. You are more than welcome to post pictures of your results to me at

Enjoy and I will post again as usual on Saturday.

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